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You Want:

  • A therapist who is a committed and active partner with you as you navigate the challenges in your life.
  • To experience profound and lasting change from past patterns and old, deep pain and suffering.
  • Psychotherapy that is aligned with your goals and needs.
  • Access to new, dynamic and powerful psychotherapy tools and resources.
  • To work with someone who is authentic, deeply present, well trained and experienced.

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Evolutionary Relating and Mutual Awakening

Keren has been trained and empowered by Patricia Albere to teach the Mutual Awakening Practice, the Eight Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening and Evolutionary Relating. As teachers in this consciousness, we have been discovering ways to work one-on-one using practices that are emerging from this new paradigm of interrelatedness.  Keren is committed to working with people in a way that makes visible the Shared-Consciousness we are discovering together.  This work can transform issues in an instant.

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Conscious Uncoupling

"A conscious uncoupling is a breakup or divorce that is characterized by a tremendous amount of goodwill, generosity, and respect, where those separating strive to do minimal damage to themselves, to each other, and to their children (if they have any), as well as intentionally seek to create new agreements and structures designed to set everyone up to win, flourish, and thrive moving forward in life."
​             ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas

Who I Am

I am a Seasoned Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach who brings fierce commitment, enormous training and finely tuned intuition to helping my clients make dramatic shifts in their relationships and in their lives.

I partner actively with my clients to take their biggest leap, to really push into that which has kept them stuck and stand with them to kick it out and step into the lives they have been dreaming of. Traditionally we think of psychotherapists as being above the fray, they are dispassionate, knowledgeable people who you never really get to know and to whom you pour out your soul. I live and breath what I teach and will stay on the inside with you.

For me, being an active partner with you as you take on really changing your life, is far from an impersonal process. My professional, personal and spiritual growth process is an interwoven tapestry. I stay on my own growth edge in all of these areas and find that everything blends into a cohesive whole that is ever evolving. 

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Keren Clark Psychotherapy, Evolutionary Relating & Coaching

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