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choose the life you want

Yes, it is possible and I can show you how!

dear one

Imagine what it would be like if you had…

  • Thriving partnerships with your friends and colleagues.
  • The ability to create delicious relationships with like-minded others.
  • Magnetism that draws to you what you want.
  • Respect and responsiveness from the important people in your life.
  • The man or woman of your dreams who supports and cherishes you.

The time is now, you can feel it, and you are SO worth it!

If you have found my page it is because
you are tired of waiting to feel better and have what you want in life. You are fiercely determined to do whatever it takes to create the life you know you can have and that feels just out of your reach.


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You are doing all of the right things in your relationships, but you are not getting the respect and love you long for.
  • You have spent years in counseling or spiritual practice, feel like you are getting somewhere and just end up stuck, again.
  • You know there must be something out there that can help you get what you want, but you just can’t find it.
  • You are tired of feeling run over by your feelings and fighting with yourself and your loved ones about the same old things.
  • You are ready to transform your life and you need the support of someone to help you dispel your internal obstacles to having what you want and to create new ways of interacting that will inspire others to give it to you.

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My name is Keren Clark and I stand fiercely with you as you leap into the shimmering pool of your vibrant life.

You feel a calling to do more, to be more, to really take charge of your life and make your biggest contribution. You want your life to be one of growth and development and are dedicated to your own healing and to having the life you know you can have.

You want to
get what you want in life while living in alignment with your own integrity with compassion and respect for everyone with whom you interact.

You long for your loved ones to
really see you, listen to you and acknowledge you. You want to feel valued and respected and to have your opinions taken seriously. In short, you want simple human respect and love…

You want
work that feeds your body, mind and spirit or to bring your very best to the career you already love. You may want to leave a dead-end job or really cause a profound shift in your career.

You want to
move past the voice in your head that tells you that asking for what you want and longing for more than you have is selfish or just plain impossible.

You are ready to make some big changes in your life and just feel ill equipped or under-supported to do so.

I understand this desire and this calling. I know that feeling, it is so very human. I am a licensed Psychotherapist and a Transformative Coach and I have been on my own growth path my entire life. For over thirty years I have felt called to learn new approaches for helping others and to living them myself.

I have so much knowledge, training, experience and understanding to pass on to you. My life’s calling is to help you learn to
take charge of your life, empower yourself and transform your pain into powerful tools for change so that you can have love-filled relationships and work that inspires you.

So if you are feeling something inside of you wants to grow…you dream of a vibrant, love-filled, completely satisfying and passionate life…
let’s talk!


Imagine if you could…

  • Have a supportive, vibrant, loving relationship.
  • Powerfully and generatively ask for what you want and need at work and at home.
  • Experience respect, love and authentic care from your friends and family.
  • Feel fully behind the driver’s seat of your own life and able to handle even hairpin turns with confidence and grace.
  • Navigate conflict with your loved ones effectively and lovingly and get the results you desire.
  • Have fulfilling relationships, of all kinds, without completely abandoning yourself to the needs of others.
  • Say “no” when others make unwanted or unwelcome requests.

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I am standing with you and for you to create your most vibrant fulfilling life.


Licensed Psychotherapist & Transformational Coach

Phone & Skype sessions available!
In person sessions available in Keren's offices in Orange, CA

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Phone & Skype
sessions available!
In person sessions are
available in Keren's
offices in Orange, CA

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