Mutual Awakening Salons

Mutual Awakening Salon with Keren Clark March 17th, 2019 in Orange County, CA. CLICK TO REGISTER!

Learn about Mutual Awakening

The Mutual Awakening Practice is the "meditation" needed in this time of fractured human connectedness. If you long for connection, if you sense that there must be something more, something that will bring all of your years of individual growth and spiritual practice to a way of meditating with others that eradicates separation, then the Mutual Awakening Practice is for you.

Join Keren LIVE on Sunday March 17th from 1:00 - 2:30 PM for a FREE 90 minute gathering where we will explore what Mutual Awakening is and why it is so important NOW.

FREE Mutual Awakening Exploration Gathering

Keren invites you to join an intimate gathering in her cozy Orange County home. Details will be announced soon.

Click HERE to register now for this free event! Location details will be sent to you once you have registered.

If you have any questions, please email Keren directly by using the "Contact Us" option below.

Mutual Awakening: The Essential Guide to WE-Space Meditation

Mutual Awakening: A Four Session Course

The Mutual Awakening Practice is meditation for the We-Space. You may already be sensing that this space of shared unity is an important next step for you (and for humanity). Many of us are being called, literally pulled by the future, into this new frontier of consciousness.

That's why Keren Clark has joined forces with contemporary spiritual teacher and author, Patricia Albere. They have  made it their mission to make the Mutual Awakening Practice ~ the clearest, simplest and most powerful way for people to access a higher relatedness and the next level of consciousness ~ available to as many people as possible.

Patricia created Mutual Awakening; the Essential Guide to WE-Space Meditation ~ a five module guided journey that will fully empower anyone  to enter into new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness together.

Keren has been certified by Patricia Albere to teach Mutual Awakening to live groups and online. 

We are excited to announce that a LIVE Mutual Awakening course in Orange County, CA starting on Sunday March 31st and running for 4 Sundays is forming NOW.

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Mutual Awakening Live course in the OC with Keren Clark.  Starting on March 31st REGISTER HERE NOW!

Mutual Awakening Live course in the OC with Keren Clark. Starting on March 31st REGISTER HERE NOW!

Private Evolutionary Relating Sessions

Beyond Psychotherapy

If you’re like me, you’ve been on the journey of awakening and healing long enough to notice that the need is accelerating faster than ever. Thankfully, there are powerful new ways of working with people that accelerate our awakening and deepens our relationships. It takes us into a deep level of connectedness while we’re in full engagement with our world and with one another.

As teachers in this consciousness, we have been discovering ways to work one-on-one using practices that are emerging from this new paradigm of interrelatedness.  Keren is committed to being in, with, and for the individuals and groups she works with in a way that makes visible the Shared-Consciousness we are discovering together.  This work can transform issues in an instant.

Among other things we use the Mutual Awakening Practice in an integrated and focused manner in our work with individuals and groups. Mutual Awakening is being called the mindfulness practice for the 21st century. It is an eyes open, speaking meditation done with another person. In this practice, our shared attention opens up a field of possibility between us - it literally awakens the space we are in. We feel an incredible sense of intimacy with each other, and we ignite a field that orchestrates huge movement in our individual and collective lives.

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